The Panasonic NN-H765BF microwave is definitely one of the bestsellers and there are many reasons why.

I have to say that most of the food that I used to cook in the microwave came out overdone, or just barely done. I’ve eaten lots of badly cooked meals, then.

I usually freak out and try to change the timing that my microwave gives me, hoping that I can make things better, but since I got this one, I can honestly say it is the best microwave. I’ve managed to cook everything just right.

I know this is probably due to my microwave, and not due to my improved cooking skills. I still haven’t cracked a cookbook, after all. I’ve just been doing what I’ve always been doing. For example, if I set a time that happens to be too long for whatever it is I’m trying to cook, the microwave will adjust so that the time left is shorter.

It’s like I barely had to make a decision to begin with, because the microwave made the decision for me half way through. It knows I can’t be trusted by know. Also, it has ten non-cooking functions that I’ve actually found to be useful.

I’m usually not good with buttons, so that’s saying something. I like to use the timer for my jazz exercise workouts and some other things too.

Since the microwave is right next to the stove, obviously, it’s easiest to just use the timer on the microwave to calculate how long I should leave that pot boiling.

Panasonic NN-H765BF Product Features

  • Family size 1.6 cuft capacity and 1250 Watts of High Cooking Power, Genius One-Touch Sensor Cook and Reheat that eliminates guesswork by automatically setting power levels and adjusting cooking or defrosting times
  • 5 Button Keypad with Flat Panel buttons for easy programming, 6-digit Expanded display panel for easy viewing, 10 Power Levels and 5 Stage Cooking, 15″ Turntable
  • Please note that the upper left-corner of the door has a small indentation to allow the door to open smoothly and is completed at the factory
  • Measures: 21 7/8″ (W) x 19 7/16″ (D) x 12″ (H), 29.8 lbs, Black
  • Panasonic’s own Inverter Technology perfects the art of cooking that consistently delivers microwave energy for even cooking without burnt edges and overcooking. This technology is even used for Inverter Turbo Defrost for even and faster defrosting of food

Great Microwave with a Key Safety Feature

One blessing that I’ve liked is the child safety lock. I don’t have children myself, but I often have children over because I have friends who have younger siblings or children themselves.

Most of them don’t like to come into the kitchen, but there are always a few curious ones. I get a few strange looks whenever I’m cooking or trying to cook. Most of the time they’ll try to open the microwave to see what’s inside, but since I got this new one they haven’t been successful with that.

Of course, the microwave has the great usual features that I usually need out of it. I know it’s not asking for much, but I love being able to tell the time easily. I can change it, too, for daylight savings time. It’s very easy to forget how, given how seldom I need to do this, but this microwave seems intuitively easy to use compared to all of the other ones that I’ve tried already. Something’s definitely different about this one. The Panasonic NN-H765BF microwave is recommended for any family that is looking for an all in one type of appliance.

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