Sometimes parents may have a very hard time with their children especially when they are at home and have nothing to do.

During the rainy season the children cannot be allowed time to g out and play with their friends and have to stay indoors.

The parent will have a rough time especially if you have nothing to give your children. 

Sometimes also as a parent you may be tired and need to relax without being disturbed. At times you may also be bored and need something funny other than the normal movies.

Netflix movies is a solution to all these as they will keep your children busy as you keep yourself busy with other things.

You can as well enjoy it as a family together with your kid and familiarize yourself with what they usually enjoy.

There are various movies on the Netflix which are usually meant to educate them a lot on their lives and change their lives a great way.

  1. Next gen: In this video a little girl who is very lonely but finds a giant robot and makes the giant her friend. This will teach them the importance of making friendship with those around us.
  2. Walk ride radio: this one teaches the children on survival techniques that they should not look down upon themselves no matter what the situation is but they should keep their head high and move on with life.
  3. Peter Rabbit- this one teaches the children the importance of not stealing. In this movie there is a mischievous rabbit who always go and eat a farmers’ vegetables and obvious there is a reward of this.
  4. Sing: this is another movie in the Netflix which can help your child to know how to sing. Children usually learn through songs and it can help a great deal.
  5. Pete’s Dragon-in this movie a little girl called grace always heard that there were dragons living near their home but she never believed because she had never seen them but one day she meets a young boy called Pete who had lived in the forest by his own and was natured by a dragon. 
  6. Bolt-this is a production of 2008 and is an animated video. Here a dog has got some superpowers  and believes that they are real then he sets to go and find his owner but gets lost in the city and becomes stranded.
  7. Dr. Seuss’ the Grinch– This is an animated Christmas movie for every kid and can be watched at any time not only on Christmas time. The children always enjoy the music.
  8. Spider Man-many children and especially boys like anything that involves spider man. Even when you buy then clothes drawn spider man they really like them. In this two spiders team up together to prevent the collapse of the universe and in they turn to be a superhero.


These are just a few examples of the movies in the Netflix which the kids enjoy. There are many more which include; Peter Rabbit (2018), The Little Prince (2016), The Karate Kid (2010) and the list is endless. The little children can give a thousand examples of these Netflix kid movies.

In conclusion it is always important to check the kind of movie the child is watching as some my teach them some behaviors which may turn to be negative rather than being positive.

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