Hola VPN Review

In the world we are living today, almost everything has a price attached to it.

Therefore anything we find free should be treasured and treated with the utmost respect it deserves. This is what we get with Hola VPN.

If you have been wondering what Hola VPN is exactly and how it works. In this article, we will answer you all the questions you have.

What Is Hola VPN?

Hola VPN is a free VPN-like service provider which takes an eccentric approach to preserving your online security and privacy.

Unlike its other competition this VPN doesn’t depend on a static network of managed servers.

This is more of a “peer to peer” VPN which means browser traffic is routed through its users. Tired of searching vpn reviews then do check out this 유료 vpn 추천

“Peer to peer” VPN simply means the traffic of your device passes through the devices of other users.

At the same time, some of their traffic might also pass through your device. Although this might seem insecure, it has its own advantages.

This is because there are no destination servers or fixed routes making it more challenging for sites to detect you are using a VPN. At the same time, it becomes cheaper since there are no bandwidth bills.

Privacy And Logging

Most VPNs have their own servers to route their traffic. This provides the possibility of logging what you are doing.

On the other hand, Hola routes their traffic through its users. This seems a better way of protecting the privacy of their users, but it is not as simple as it seems. 

Hola VPN monitors the consumer network regularly for security breaches or traces of misuse.

In addition to this, architecture modifications make it possible for Hola VPN to see the background of each new user.

In that way, if cybercriminals use the Hola VPN network, the information of the cybercriminals can be passed over to the authorities.

This has been a major discouragement to abusers, hence safe for genuine users.


When you install Hola on Windows 10 system, you get the Hola app which is a basic version of the Chromium browser.

You will also get a prompt of installing the Chrome extension and opt for both.

Once you have installed the Chrome extension and it is active, it will monitor the site you are visiting.

At the same time, it will display alternative countries in case there’s something you want to unblock.

In case you are visiting a streaming site in the US and you are in the UK, you can choose to connect normally without Hola.

You can also decide to use Hola with a US IP or use the VPN with an IP from a different country.

Final Verdict

Hola can be used to access Amazon Prime Video, US Netflix, Disney+ and more. The free version only gives you an hour per day when using any of the most famous sites including Netflix.

However, if you want to get unlimited time, you will have to upgrade to unlimited time.

My final verdict is, Hola is a good VPN to use if you are looking for a much cheaper version.

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