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Weight loss Tips:- How to Burn Fat like a pro

Fitness is trend now a days everyone wants to feel beautiful , look beautiful and when Fitness is concern the Idea of weight loss automatically generates , a word with so many questions , so many myths and yes expections too , but  the practical truth is “You didn’t gain all your weight in one day; you won’t lose it in one day” but why to worry when patience is a key , definately without any doubts one have to take a Little steps forward towards the fit body from inside and out .

Here are some simple tricks and tips which will not only help you to shaping a body but cent percent mind too and will develop a good health schedule .

Consumption of good full glasses of water : 7-8 glasses of water is equals to healthy body where glowing skin is extra jackpot .

Eat less salt : the more salt you eat the more puffiness will be there ( Rock salt is best substitute though)

Less oil , more fibre : yes the type of food you consume will define the time you will get to shape your body, boil potatoes , green vegetables , sprouts tastes no less then any dish if u have dedication .

Weight loss drink : Ginger and lime water will do magic to skin and body both .

Sleep like a little baby :  good sleep is mendatory as this will define your routine for whole next day .

Excercise : Running, skipping , cardio are unavoidable activities , so just tie your shoe laces and begain , 1,2,3 …..yes you are almost there .

Hope these little details will make a huge difference.

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