Developments and prototypes


The key product of the company is a headset for control and monitoring based on neural technologies.

The device is used to communicate mental commands to surrounding devices and to register user's condition in order to adapt those devices' settings or modes to provide the best level of comfort and usefulness according to current health and behavior.

The headset is lightweight, worn almost like glasses, equipped with Bluetooth-based communication module.

Combined with unique software, the headset is a highly efficient neural interface capable of accurately reading brain signals, interpreting them, and instantly transmitting commands to connected devices.

The neural interface encodes the readable brain signals in such a way that they correspond to standards used on paired (compatible) devices. This eliminates any additional tweaking of connected equipment – the neural interface is already able to "find a common language with it".

The headset is delivered ready-to-use and requires no complex training thanks to the recognized brain signal patterns it is built on.


The key product of the company is a headset for control and monitoring based on neural technologies.

With a few exceptions, the neural stimulator repeats the design features of the neural control interface and can be used every day to feel healthy.

The headsets are designed according to the modern requirements for wearables that are used continuously and regularly.

Unlike the neural interface whose function is to measure brain signals and deliver commands to external devices, the neural stimulator has positive effects on the wearer’s brain, using safe, low-voltage current. Many years of tests and practical applications in many countries have proven powerful effects of this stimulation in both people who do not experience significant problems but use the device to stay sharp and improve cognitive and even physical performance, and those with cognitive problems associated with age, fatigue, lifestyle or disease.

VR headset

The company has developed a separate, unique VR headset for educational and gaming industry, as well as for any industry that may be interested in products based on virtual reality technology.

When combined with neural technologies, VR shows impressive results and provides the widest range of absolutely new capabilities: use in individual and multiuser games with a non-linear storyline that changes depending on real-time analysis of user’s condition; control of gameplay by mental commands; solution of the "seasickness" problem in VR through precise adjustment of the "reality" to the user.

Aside from our own production, Basis Neuro will offer deep integration to numerous partners. Producers of VR/AR solutions and developers of games and software are already interested in embedding this neural control technology in their products.

For example, we launched a strategic partnership with UnicornGo project in February 2018. It is a cryptocollection game featuring advanced genetics, elements of full-scale gameplay, and augmented reality. Thanks to the embedded Basis Neuro algorithms, players will be able not only to immerse themselves in a virtual world but also to mentally interact with it and even create avatars of unicorn characters and control them with the power of thought. Through recognition of the player's mental state, he or she will be offered relevant artifacts and game plots, and the character's behavior planning will be adjusted to the player’s mood.


Medical use requires an accurate and precise approach to solving complex problems related to ensuring the body’s functionality and making life worth living.

Our lab has already tested a rehabilitation prototype of the headset which controls a wheelchair. On an industry-wide scale, this means large-scale introduction of control and monitoring devices for advanced prosthetics that had not been affordable to a very large portion of people with disabilities.


Basis Neuro is developing a high-tech neural platform for the market that unites developers and consumers of all types.

This online marketplace will feature a multi-tier system of storage facilities, access and channels for product, technology, software, data, brain signal patterns exchange

Moreover, Basis Neuro platform will serve as a launchpad for a variety of businesses in the field of neural technology for a large number or tech entrepreneurs who develop their own applications. As Basis Neuro community members, they will gain access to an impressive array of data, hardware and expert support, as well as the ability to design, package and market their solutions.

For corporate and individual customers, Basis Neuro platform acts as a marketplace that offers a wide range of relevant and high-quality products and services from the best representatives in the industry. Moreover, we plan to create personal areas for customers to store their own data obtained during the use of neural interfaces for further adjustment of practices, research or consultations.